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About us

A Future Technology that everyone can enjoy
ALBUS, a content company creating value
from technology

ALBUS is composed of individuals who embrace novelty and thrive on challenges.
We emrace new technologies and infuse them with our own creativity,
creating unprecedented content for the world.

This is the value that our proud ALBUS team member pursue.

·  ALBUS Corporate History  ·

Our History


· 04     A partnership agreement with Supercent,

           A specialist in hyper-casual game publishing

· 03     AR mobile game Floatings is released on Play Store, App Store

· 01      Character copyrights are registered

           (Registration No. C-2023-0001-06 and 53 other varieties)



·  11      Contract with Korea navy for the production of VR accident prevention education content

· 09     The production of VR contents for Samsung biologics

· 08     A partnership with Samsung SDS (the production of VR/AR content in collaboration with Multi Campus)                       The production VR safety education content for Hyundai Heavy Industries

· 06     Contract with Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation for immersive content of Hanyang Fortress Time Machine

· 05     Acquisition of a game developer registration certificate and a certificate for online sales Contract

            with Korea Road Traffic Authority for VR drunk driving experience education content

· 04     Selected for the general game content production support project(Advanced)

            by Korea Creative Content Agency Contract with Kubota Korea for the production a VR showroom


· 12      Graduation from the 11th class of the Small and Medium Business Administration's Youth Startup Academy

           The production of VR accident prevention education content for Korea navy

·  11      Acquisition of video production business registration certificate

· 08     Acquisition of software business operator qulification

· 07     Production of basic content(360 VR videos) for the reginal major mountain's 

           experiential immersive content(VR) production project for the Korea Forest Welfare Promotion Institute

· 05     Production of Lineage VR Gallery for NCSOFT

· 03     Enrolled in the regular course of the Youth Startup Academy


· 10    Patent registration(Patent No.10-2167010)
          [A method for performing a growth-type character-based application using virtual reality and               

           augmented reality technology and a program for performing the method]

· 08   Production of MICE Virtual Tour contents for Seoul Tourism Organization

· 03   Establishment of ALBUS

          Strategic partnership agreement for Master Academy content production and provision with VRLU

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